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So under the advice of waxandstrings and spillingbliss, I bought this show on DVD. And let me tell you. I loved it. This show is so many things. It's comedy. It's horror. It's romance. It's drama. It's a rollercoaster and you'll want to be taken for the ride.

In a nutshell, it's about group of family and friends who have come to Harper's Island for the wedding of Henry Dunn and Trish Wellington. It's supposed to be a happy occasion except that seven years previously, there was a serial killer on the island who killed six people. And you can kind of guess what happens when the wedding party arrive. Yes, it sounds like every other horror movie ever but it's so much more than that. It's so clever and well-done that it really does grip you in every way possible.

And because being unspoiled is super important to this show, I've chosen unspoilery moments for your benefit and so you kind of get the feel for the show without it being ruined for you.

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